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As a fetus, the spine may have had good conditions and developed perfectly. But in the womb it is after all so cramped, especially in the last part of pregnancy, that for some babies, uneven loads can occur on the spine and joints. Strains can also arise from the strong pressure that the child is exposed to during birth, especially if there are complications in the form of e.g., seat position of baby, caesarean section, star gazer or taken with cup. If the baby is exposed to inappropriate pressure and twisting during birth, the neck, back and pelvis can be affected so that a joint and/or muscular reaction can occur, which can result in one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Favorite side/preference side of the head
  • Crooked or flat back of head
  • C-shape/banana shape of the body
  • Flashback tendency (presses the head and upper body backwards)
  • Problems in stomach or back position
  • Breastfeeding problems

Chiropractors are experts in the musculoskeletal system, and we treat pain and movement restrictions in muscles and joints with great success. In infants, joint and muscle pain can in some cases manifest itself in other symptoms such as: Difficulty sleeping and interrupted sleep Screaming bouts (colloquially called colic) Pain during defecation Reflux/gurgling tendency Pronounced emotional and motor sensitivity Motor delays Breastfeeding problems.


Chiropractors are specialists in the musculoskeletal system. Kiropraktik i Centrum has for many years had a special interest in and focus on children, and is one of the chiropractic clinics in Denmark that sees the most infants. For the first consultation, we talk about the child's well-being and any challenges. We then examine the infant thoroughly, where we see if the child is symmetrical, develops age-appropriately and feels the movement of the back. If there is an indication for treatment, we treat the child with stretching and pressure to restore mobility and relax the muscles. Guidance and information about exercises and motor skills are also an important part of the treatment.

The goal is to get the child in a good balance as quickly as possible, and if there is a need for additional treatment with either our zone therapist, midwife, osteopath or baby masseuses, we will ensure that it is implemented. As a starting point, children have a fantastic ability to heal and respond well. After the first consultation, we make a plan for the follow-up of the treatment, which is adapted individually depending on the individual child. At Kiropraktik i Centrum, we place diagnostics first and if the chiropractor suspects that the baby's symptoms do not originate from the musculoskeletal system, the chiropractor will refer to his own doctor or health nurse for further investigation.

In Kiropraktik i Centrum, we have extensive experience in treating infants and children and find that they respond very immediately and relatively quickly to treatment. However, there is a big difference between children and often problems with the musculoskeletal system will require several treatments. This of course depends on the problem and how long it has been going on. The chiropractic consultation will consist of three parts:

  • Conversation with parents about the infant's problems and the parents' concerns and wishes.
  • A thorough examination of the child as a whole, but also of nerves, reflexes, muscles and joints, as well as assessment of the child's motor development. This part ends with a diagnosis, an estimate of the number of treatments and what to expect from the child's reaction.
  • A treatment with pressure and stretching of the affected joint(s) and muscles if the parents consent to this.

In some cases, the chiropractor will recommend complementary treatments such as reflexology, breastfeeding guidance, physiotherapy, infant massage or clinical dieticians as a supplement to the treatment, if there is an indication for this.

Chiropractic treatment of infants

As parents, you should know that chiropractic treatment of infants takes place by stretching and applying pressure to loosen the locked joints. We do this to create free movement of the joints of the spine, and to give your child the best conditions for their motor development and general well-being. Chiropractic care for infants is harmless and rarely painful, but your baby may cry. It is a natural reaction to being corrected and being held for a moment. We find that it can be a little difficult to attend the first treatment, but it usually becomes easier for both parents and child when you have been here a few times and see the effect of the treatment. It is important that you, as a parent, support and praise your child during the treatment – ​​this is what your child needs. You can expect your child to be tired and possibly cranky especially after the first treatments. We have many years of experience with chiropractic treatment of infants with very good results. But in order to get the best cooperation with you as parents, it is important to us that you are informed and agree with the above. If you have questions about chiropractic treatment, one of our infant chiropractors can help.



Birgitte Hyldebrandt has 20 years of experience in childbirth and breastfeeding and is associated with Kiropraktik i Centrum. She offers birth preparation, breastfeeding consultations, emergency breastfeeding assistance and postpartum consultations. Before the birth, you have the opportunity to register for a birth preparation or breastfeeding course. It takes place either as individual teaching or as group teaching. Birgitte has an international breastfeeding consultant training IBCLC, so if problems arise with breastfeeding, e.g. too little milk, sore breasts or mastitis, there is the possibility of quick and urgent help. Many thoughts and worries can arise after a birth that you may need to process - Birgitte can also help you with these. The consultation can be booked to take place at the clinic or at your home. 

Our midwife regularly holds breastfeeding courses at the clinic. It is highly recommended for first-time mothers or women who have previously had problems with breastfeeding. It is for women and their partner. Information and the date of the next course can be seen on Kiropraktik i Centrum's Facebook and website.



Reflexology for babies is primarily pressure massage on the feet and body (acupressure). It is mainly the digestion, the back, the neck, the nervous system and the respiratory tract that are worked on. As an adjunct to chiropractic treatment, it can be particularly effective for infants who have a lot of tension, seem restless or cry a lot. If the child gurgles or has reflux, it can often also be relieved by reflexology. During the treatment, you will be guided in how you can massage your child yourself and thus support the treatment at home. 


Baby massage

Baby massage is pure pampering for your infant. We recommend the massage for infants aged 1-7 months. Baby massage is a lovely form of togetherness with intense and loving touch. The treatment is gentle and consists of gentle pressure, stroking and stretching. Baby massage gives the child a good sense of its own body, it is good for attachment and it stimulates the child's motor development and coordination skills. Along the way, the parents are guided in how they can give a massage themselves at home. 


Physiotherapy for pregnant women

Our physiotherapists offer training in small groups for pregnant women and postpartum training at the clinic. Contact the reception for more information.

Parents - how do you take good care of yourselves?

Self-care is about taking care of yourself.

Being pregnant is a big strain on the body. We find that there is a lot of focus on the pregnancy itself and the changes that take place in the body along the way. You are usually also well prepared for the birth. On the other hand, not much attention is paid to the challenges that can arise after a pregnancy. The nights, especially at the beginning, will be characterized by interrupted sleep and for some it will be sparse. Here it's about reducing expectations for housework and social events and getting rest during the day. Self-care is also about you as parents creating a foundation for good teamwork, giving each other space and remembering the love for each other. Self-care may well be forgotten in the great upheaval that is starting a family. And we can understand that! To prevent discomfort from the muscles and skeleton, it is about moving the body regularly, creating good routines and using your body symmetrically - both for your own sake and for the sake of the child. We know that the body positions you end up in as parents of babies are not always appropriate. If the damage has occurred, we are also here to help you.

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