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What are insoles?

Insoles can be an option for you who have pain or discomfort in your feet, knees, hips or back. If your pain stems from incorrect postures related to the feet, insoles are an effective form of treatment, as they correct your posture and restore your anatomical balance.

The soles are:

  • Tailored to your feet: The foot is unique and no one is the same. That's why I make the insoles individually for each one, so that they fit your foot perfectly.
  • Made for your needs: There is a big difference between whether you need to use insoles for everyday life, at work or when playing sports. That's why I always take your life and your needs as a starting point when I manufacture your insoles.
  • Adapted to your shoes: A good insole is one you use! The shape of your insoles must therefore always be adapted to the shoes you use most often. A sole for your running shoes is obviously very different from a sole for your stilettos.
  • Made from technical materials: I have over 25 different technical materials that I can use for your insole. Depending on your needs, I choose the most suitable ones. In this way, I ensure you both optimal comfort, durability and effect. There is a six-month guarantee on the durability of the soles. The price of the sole includes a follow-up after one month, where we look at the development and your body's reaction to the soles. Subsidy: In special cases, your doctor can refer you to inlay treatment, cf. section 112 of the Service Act. If you are a member of Sygeforsikringen "Danmark" health insurance in group 1, 2 or 5, a subsidy is provided for inlays made according to functional impressions.


A consultation is for you who have pain in your feet, knees, hips or back. The purpose is to analyze your problem and find the best treatment for it.

A consultation consists of five steps:

Medical history: We go through a questionnaire focusing on your lifestyle, your everyday life and your history, and on your pain - where is it and how did it start - gradually or suddenly?

Analysis of holding and body: I ​​assess the movement in your joints, muscles, blood vessels and the skin's sense of touch. I also look at your attitude to understand your morphology (shape) and thereby search for the cause of your problems.

Analysis of walking and running: An analysis of your body during movement helps to understand the origin of your problem. If the pain occurs during sports other than running (dance, golf, squash, badminton, etc.) it is a great help if you make a small film of yourself while you practice your sport.

Footprint: The footprint shows the shape and size of the foot and reveals loads on the foot, and the impression forms the background for manufacturing your insoles, among other things.

Analysis of shoes: Your shoes reveal a lot about your gait, posture and loads. I also advise you on shoe selection and am happy to suggest shoes that are particularly suitable for you and your needs. If you need insoles, it is also important that I see your shoes so that the insoles can be adapted to your shoes.