Foot pain

The construction and structure of the foot is complex and composed, where large forces must be transferred repeatedly to the bones and joints even during normal everyday movement.

Overpronation of the rear foot during walking can lead to stress injuries in the foot, ankle, lower leg, knee and hip.

The typical overuse injuries are inflammation of the Achilles tendon, inflammation of the arch tendon and inflammation under the heel pad, which is called a heel spur.

Your chiropractor can investigate whether there is a biomechanical cause of the injury. It can be due to a misalignment, possibly congenital, or reduced strength or mobility in one or more joints. If this is the case, the chiropractor can, by means of manipulation, often release tense or locked joints in the foot and thereby improve the biomechanical stress conditions.

The treatment

During the treatment, it is important to ensure that the foot has the necessary mobility and stability and that at the same time an optimal starting position is achieved for the transfer of forces from the foot to the surface. It is best ensured by a combination of mobilizing joints, training muscles and possibly with function-correcting shoe inserts to support the foot's contact with the surface.