Knee problems

Many patients turn to chiropractors with complaints of knee pain. For some, the damage has occurred acutely through a specific trauma - such as a twist or a blow to the knee. In others, the pain has crept up over a longer period, without the patient himself being able to properly explain why.

Here, the chiropractor is a specialist in finding out whether the cause of the pain is due to damage to the knee's bone and cartilage structures (e.g., osteoarthritis) - or whether it is damage or overloading of the knee meniscus, cruciate ligament or lateral stabilizing ligament.

If the pain has been creeping in for a long time, the chiropractor often finds the cause in adjacent joints such as the feet, ankle or hip and lower back. This will enable your chiropractor to identify and target the treatment to the primary cause of the knee pain.

Some knee pains are so-called reported or referred pains from e.g., the lower back or pelvic joints and can be treated effectively with specifically targeted treatment here.

In Kiropraktik i Centrum, we can take x-rays of your knees in order to make a specific diagnosis. In most cases, it is not an actual rheumatic disease but a biomechanical problem that can be remedied with chiropractic treatment. The treatment will consist of joint-freeing manipulation or mobilization, soft tissue techniques and instruction in specific exercises.

In addition, advice on various ergonomic measures will be crucial to being able to retrain and thereby resume normal activity, regardless of whether you are an exerciser or an active elite sportsperson.

The cause of pain in the knee pain can also be due to incorrect positions in the foot or wrong footwear and therefore it may also be relevant to have Kiropraktik i Centrum’s podiatrist produce a custom-made insole for your shoes.