The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest nerve in the body's system, and it is therefore vulnerable and sensitive to damage from many parts of the body. Irritation of the sciatic nerve can therefore originate in many places, be felt in many different places in the body and also cause persistent pain in everything from the lower back to the legs. This makes "sciatica pain" a broad term, and treatment can cover a multitude of different methods, techniques and exercises.

What causes pain in the sciatic nerve?

Pain in the sciatic nerve can be caused by many things, but the following general conditions/causes cover what can cause sciatica symptoms:

  • Back strain
  • Disc herniation
  • Osteoarthritis in the lower back
  • Stiffness in the sciatic nerve itself
  • Scar tissue around the nerve
  • Medical diseases that affect the entire nervous system
  • Twisting or wrong movements

In order to get the optimal and correct treatment, it is necessary to determine where the sciatica pain originates, which is best done in collaboration with a professional.

What symptoms are associated with sciatica problems?

There are several different symptoms which can be the basis for speculation about sciatica problems. Precisely because the nerve is so large and long and affects so many parts of the body, the symptoms come from many places. It can, for example, be:

  • Pain in the lower back and back
  • Problems with muscles around the nerve
  • Spinning and tingling sensations in the buttocks or legs
  • Irritation extending along the nerve from lower back to leg

How to treat the pain

How the pain from the sciatic nerve is treated depends on where it originates, and which symptoms are characteristic of the individual patient's course. At Kiropraktik i Centrum we offer, among other things, physiotherapy, massage, osteopathy and acupuncture on patients suffering from pain in and around the large nerve. In addition, many experience sciatica-like pain, the origin of which does not actually come from the nerve, but the symptoms resemble it. We help clarify what the actual cause of the pain is, and regardless of whether these originate from the sciatic nerve itself or not, we help with the right treatment. By getting the right treatment, you can avoid the pain becoming persistent and chronic. Contact us today on telephone number 33123920 or by email info@kiropraktikicentrum.dk