Andreas Gjengedal

Meet the therapist: Andreas Gjengedal

Andreas Gjengedal


Andreas is a qualified chiropractor (cand.manu.) from Syddansk Universitet in Odense.

As a chiropractor, Andreas has a wide spectrum of treatment options. Andreas diagnoses and treats disorders from all the body's muscles and joints with the aim of reducing pain and improving the function and well-being of the individual. Based on an interview and a thorough preliminary examination, Andreas makes a diagnosis and creates an effective treatment plan. The treatment can consist of joint manipulations and various muscle and tendon treatment techniques. In addition to the chiropractic treatment, Andreas uses dry needling (acupuncture needles), laser, shockwave therapy, and relevant training exercises.

At the clinic, Andreas values the interdisciplinary collaboration and likes to involve other professional groups in the treatment process. Andreas believes that the best course of treatment takes place in collaboration between therapist and patient.

Andreas has extensive experience in the treatment and training of elite athletes. In 2021-2022, Andreas worked as a physical trainer and chiropractor for The National Danish Performance Team (Team 13) and was travling with the team on their Danish, European and World Tour. Andreas is still part of the The National Danish Performance Team’s Health Team. Alongside the chiropractor work, Andreas is also an instructor and physical supervisor for TrygFonden Kystlivredning (Surf Life Saving Denmark). In his spare time, Andreas does crossfit, running and swimming. Andreas speaks Danish, Norwegian and English.