Birgitte Hyldebrandt Gerdorf

Meet the therapist: Birgitte Hyldebrandt Gerdorf

Birgitte Hyldebrandt Gerdorf


Birgitte graduated from the Midwifery School in Copenhagen in 1996. After employment at, among others, Frederiksberg hospital, Rigshospitalet - where she was employed in RH's first mother/father/child maternity clinic, Folkesundhed and the Maternity Hotel in Aldersrogade, Birgitte started her own midwifery clinic "Jordemothercare" in 2011. Some of Birgitte's focus areas are on the time after the birth and on "building bridges" between the three phases: pregnancy, birth and maternity. In particular, it is preparation for breastfeeding and the family formation process that preoccupies Birgitte. In addition to being a trained midwife, she is also an international breastfeeding consultant IBCLC and PREP course leader at the Center for Family Development, NADA ear acupuncturist (used to treat smoking urges) and trained clinical supervisor. Birgitte has had the greatest focus and interest in family formation and the establishment of breastfeeding, as well as consultation for previously complicated breastfeeding processes and postpartum interviews.

Birgitte lives in Frederiksberg and is married to Jacob. Together they have two boys born in '03 and '07. Birgitte started in Kiropraktik i Centrumin January 2014.