Birgitte Tønning

Meet the therapist: Birgitte Tønning

Birgitte Tønning


Birgitte Tønning graduated as a chiropractor at Syddansk Universitet in January 2005. Since 2005, she has worked at various clinics in the Copenhagen area. Birgitte has been a regular part of the interdisciplinary team in Kiropraktik i Centrum since 2013.

Birgitte's specialty is the treatment of children and infants. With frequent continuing education courses and many years of work with this patient group, Birgitte has built up solid experience with children and infants. The treatment for children and infants consists of pressure and stretching to provide optimal movement and relax muscles. Guidance and information about exercises and motor skills are also an important part of the consultation.

In addition to children and infants, Birgitte also treats adults of all ages, pregnant women and new mothers. In the treatment, Birgitte uses manipulation, trigger point acupuncture, various soft tissue techniques and guides in simple exercises. Birgitte believes in interdisciplinary treatment and likes to include Kiropraktik i Centrum's other therapists if it is to the advantage of the individual treatment course. For Birgitte, it is not only a goal to make her patients pain-free, but also to prevent injuries and provide help for self-help.

Birgitte (b. 1975) is the mother of Louis from 2009.