Inge-Marie Vesterager

Meet the therapist: Inge-Marie Vesterager

Inge-Marie Vesterager


Inge-Marie graduated as a chiropractor (cand. Manu.) at Syddansk Universitet in 2013. Since February 2014, she has been part of the team at Kiropraktik i Centrum. As a therapist, Inge-Marie likes to see the body as a whole and in that way prevent injuries and improve the function of the musculoskeletal system. It is important to her that you as a patient feel in safe hands and listened to, so that the issues are mapped out. That is why Inge-Marie attaches great importance to interdisciplinary cooperation in order to limit the extent of the pain and optimize the process. Inge-Marie uses manual techniques, needles (dry needling), stretching and simple exercises as part of the treatment.

In addition, she has a fondness for treating children and infants and has gained a lot of experience with this patient group over almost 10 years. As a mother of three, she has extensive knowledge of breastfeeding and the problems that can arise for mother and child in connection with pregnancy and childbirth. Over time, she has taken courses on children, infants and breastfeeding.