Jean Charles Franoux

Meet the therapist: Jean Charles Franoux

Jean Charles Franoux

Fodterapeut - Podologue

Jean Charles is French and has lived in Denmark since February 2010. In October 2010 he got his Danish authorization as a podiatrist. After a 3-year education at EFOM in Paris, JC obtained his diploma as a podiatrist in 2007. In France, he has worked at a hospital, where he has been associated with various relevant departments and substituted for colleagues at several foot clinics in Paris. At the same time, he has worked as a podiatrist for professional dancers and for an amateur football team. In February 2010, as mentioned, JC came to Copenhagen and in October 2010 opened his own clinic. In August 2012, JC moved its clinic into the premises of Kiropraktik i Centrum. JC works closely with and advises athletes in connection with the optimization of sports performance, and in the treatment and relief of pain and problems in the feet.

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