Jesper Krabbe

Meet the therapist: Jesper Krabbe

Jesper Krabbe


Jesper started working at Kiropraktik i Centrum October 2021. He is a trained Physiurgical Masseur and Sports Therapist from At Work in Copenhagen and has subsequently taken a superstructure in trigger points to be able to work targeted and effectively with pain management in addition to the other massage.

As a supplement to the classic massage with oil, Jesper is also in the process of improving his skills in Japanese pressure massage, where the therapist exerts pressure on the muscles at the same time as they are stretched. This releases tension and hardness in an effective way. Systemic pressure therapy is a unique and effective technique where the focus is on the body's own systemic connections. Jesper's massage can be included as part of a course of treatment by a chiropractor or physiotherapist or as an independent treatment. Regardless of whether you have a specific problem or a general need for massage, the massage is organized and adjusted in dialogue, so that you get a good experience with the right degree of hardness.

Jesper originally graduated with an MA in psychology and adult pedagogy and has worked for many years as an HR consultant in the public and private sector.