Kasper Andersen

Meet the therapist: Kasper Andersen

Kasper Andersen


Kasper started at Kiropraktik i Centrum on 1 February 2014. Kasper is a trained chiropractor at Syddansk Universitet and completed his rotation period at Kiropraktik i Centrum during the spring of 2015. Kasper is good at using the interdisciplinary skills at the clinic and is himself a pioneer in several contexts , where it is about solving challenges and seeking knowledge about one's profession and patient care. Kasper also uses needles as a supplement to the chiropractic treatment. Since 2016, Kasper has been a partner in Kiropraktik i Centrum. Kasper is a former badminton player and has an active everyday life. He also enjoys going out into nature as an angler as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Kasper has three children with his wife Kristine.