Mette Nedergaard

Meet the therapist: Mette Nedergaard

Mette Nedergaard


Mette is from 1974, born and raised in Frederiksberg. Has been riding competitively for most of his life. Is married, has a 9-year-old boy and three bonus children. Mette works holistically with exceptional commitment, is a fantastic listener and shows great empathy. Mette's mission is to help individuals achieve their goals via experience, knowledge and the right tools. Many are surprised that with small changes it is often possible to both eat the food they usually eat and at the same time reach their goals. Mette's biggest field of work is helping people who want to lose weight and to maintain a weight loss. In addition, Mette has published a book for cancer patients, picky eaters and people with chewing and swallowing difficulties.

Mette is a board member of a charitable foundation.