Micala Bendix

Meet the therapist: Micala Bendix

Micala Bendix


Micala is a qualified Osteopath D.O. in 1994 from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy. She continues to train in osteopathy, i.a. at J P Barral; Renzo Molinari. In addition, Micala has completed a two-year further education focusing on women's health in London, which was completed in 2019. Micala has had its own osteopathic clinic in New Zealand and Denmark since 1994.

Micala is co-founder and member of "Danske Osteopater". Micala is Post. degree. at the Teatro de los Sentidos Universidad de Girona and offers a course in body awareness in the creative language. Micala has been associated with Kiropraktik i Centrum since April 2012.