Nicklas Bakkely

Meet the therapist: Nicklas Bakkely

Nicklas Bakkely


Nicklas is a qualified chiropractor (cand.manu.) from Syddansk Universitet in the summer of 2020 and completed his 1-year internship at Kiropraktisk Klinik Amagerbrogade. After his rotation, he was employed by Kiropraktik i Centrum in October 2021. Through a thorough interview and thorough examination, Nicklas organizes an individual treatment plan for the individual patient. As often, the treatment plan consists of joint-freeing treatment, treatment of muscles and tendons, information and guidance as well as relevant exercises. In addition, he also uses acupuncture as a supplement. In collaboration with the patient, Nicklas steers the treatment course, safely and securely, towards a common goal. Movement, optimism and motivating the patient's belief in their own abilities are fundamental elements in a treatment course at Nicklas. Nicklas originally comes from Kerteminde on Funen, which his sonorous Funen dialect quickly indicates.

Generally speaking, Nicklas describes himself as a sports nerd with a great interest in training and movement. He was previously an active handball player, but has chosen to end his career due to injuries. In addition, Nicklas has a great passion for American football and is associated as a therapist for Copenhagen Towers.