Simon Alstrup

Meet the therapist: Simon Alstrup

Simon Alstrup


Simon is a trained chiropractor (cand.manu.) from Syddansk Universitet.

After his internship in Slagelse, he was employed by Kiropraktik i Centrum. During his education, he has, among other things, worked in the emergency room at the orthopedic surgery department in Kolding and Rygcenter Southern Denmark. This has given him extensive clinical experience in diagnosing acute and chronic pain throughout the body. Simon helps with all kinds of pain in the body in adults and babies. With him you get a safe environment and a conversation at eye level. He always strives to provide good advice and guidance and tailors his chiropractic treatments according to the latest knowledge to your needs. Preferably in combination with easy exercises and a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration with the house's other therapists - so you get the best treatment.

Simon grew up in Vestfyn. He is very fond of sports, outdoor life and socializing.